Arc Home Correspondent ALERT – Conventional LLPA for Second Home and Investment Transactions – Reminder


As a reminder, Arc Home updated Conventional Second Home and Investment Property LLPAs for all new loan registrations dated on and after March 11th, 2021.


Registrations dated on or prior to March 10, 2021 will be eligible to lock with the old LLPAs on or before March 17, 2021, with a maximum lock window of thirty (30) days. Loans requiring an extension for any reason will be subject to the new LLPAs listed below. Clients will be required to contact the Arc Home Lock Desk for adjusted pricing. The Arc Home Lock Desk may be contacted by:


The new LLPA values are as follows:

Investment Properties
LTV Price Adj
≤ 75% -2.525
75.01 – 80% -3.875
80.01 – 85% -4.625


Other Adjustments
Condos > 15 Years, with LTV > 75% -0.75
Second Homes with LTV > 85% -1.25
Units 2-4 -1.00
ARMs with LTV > 90% -0.25

Please contact your Arc Home Account Executive with any questions.